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When it comes to rheumatology services in Memphis, TN, we provide the diagnosis and treatment for your painful and potentially debilitating diseases. Given the diversity of causes and medical histories of each patient, our doctors are dedicated to finding the answers you've been looking for. Please feel free to contact us today for a consultation and exam.


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Our bodies have an incredible amount of nerves that, when pressed or in contact with bone, can be extremely painful. The pain is such that it can bar patients from their everyday activities and sometimes infringe on their way of life. Some of the most frustrating things about these diseases are the pain and frustration of not knowing the cause. That's why a rheumatologist can look into your case and decipher the problem through examinations and symptoms.


Some of our patients have a deeper, underlying illness that may be affecting them aside from the rheumatoid pain. It's essential to see your primary doctor about any inexplicable joint pain or swelling so they can check you and run blood tests. Your doctor may send you to us with a referral if you test positive for:

  • Antinuclear Antibodies

  • Rheumatoid Factor

  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate


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We want our patients to start their journey to recovery as efficiently as possible. That means taking the proper steps in a treatment plan put together by board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Chapman. She can advise you on a plan and help you understand your condition with more clarity.

We offer evaluation and treatment of joint, muscle, and bone diseasesincluding:

Ankylosing Spondylitis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Reiter’s Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis

100+ Additional Forms of Arthritis

Other services include:



In-Office Blood Drawing
In-Office X-Rays
Synvisc/Hyalgan Knee Injections (Osteoarthritis)
Ultrasound-Guided Injections

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