Tips from a Dermatologist: "Never Itch in Silence."

Fall and winter are challenging times of year for people with sensitive skin rashes, like eczema, and psoriasis, because the cooler air tends to easily suck moisturizer out of our skin, leaving it dry, flaky, cracked, and fissured. The good news is that Dermatologists now have many new treatments for eczema, even ways of preventing flares of eczema. The bottom line is that you should “Never Itch in Silence.” So what can be done? First, it’s long been known that moisturizing the skin tends to cut down on flares of eczema. Helpful options include Cetaphil® Lotion, Eucerin® Cream and Lotion, and Cerave®. An organic and natural option coming from the nuts of an African tree is Shea Butter. My fa

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