What’s New In Treatment of Eczema&Keratosis Pilaris 09/23/2019

One of the more common problems faced by Dermatologists like me is what is called “eczema,” also called “atopic dermatitis.” This a type of dry, rough, and often itchy skin condition that can occur on the arms, legs, body, face, and scalp, and it can start in either childhood or adulthood. Some patients with eczema also have a condition that Dermatologists call keratosis pilaris, in which protein is retained by the skin, rather than released through a natural process called exfoliation. Eczema can be genetic –meaning that it runs in certain families, along with asthma, hay fever of food allergies. Flares of eczema can also be triggered by low oil level in the skin – or even by a true allergy

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