What’s New in the Treatment of Acne: Summer 2019

For a long time, Dermatologists have known that having a clear complexion tends to promote a positive outlook on life, and better self-confidence. In fact, tendencies to depression have been linked to being diagnosed with acne. Fortunately, in 2019 Dermatologists have so many more effective options to help people to avoid acne and acne scars. So let’s take a look at what therapies are now available: Therapy for acne often involves a combination of oral antibiotics, such as doxycycline or minocycline, with prescription topical (meaning “on top of the skin”) agents, like Tretinoin Cream, or benzoyl peroxide products, including Duac®, Epiduo®, and Onexton® Gels; topical azelaic acid products li

A Dermatologist Looks at Hand Eczema – and Common Treatments:

One of the more common problems faced by Dermatologists like me is what is called “hand eczema,” which is a global term for dry, rough, and often itchy conditions of the hands. Some cases also involve the feet. This condition of hand eczema can be genetic – in which case we sometimes call it “atopic dermatitis,” meaning that it runs in certain families, along with asthma, hay fever of food allergies. It can also be triggered by low oil level in the skin – or even by a true allergy. Up to 40% of people with hand eczema are allergic to a preservative, fragrance, dye, or component of latex – and sometimes a type of allergy testing offered by Dermatologists like me – called allergy patch testing

GlycoShea Creams: Organic and Natural Alpha-Hydroxy Creams Working For You

GlycoShea™ Facial&Neck Cream, GlycoShea™ Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength, and GlycoShea™ Hand&Body Cream/High Strength are based upon a blend or emulsion of a botanical moisturizer - Shea Butter - with some of the purest natural water in the United States: water from the Memphis Sands. The Dermatologists at Big River Silk™ Skincare Inc. then blend this mixture with an Glycolic Acid, an Alpha-Hydroxy Agent originally discovered in sugarcane and pineapple. The results are organic and natural skincare agents which do more than just moisturize your skin. The GlycoShea Creams also smooth the appearance of fine lines, while improving skin texture and color, because of their Alpha-Hydroxy ingredi

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